Getting Around




As with the rest of America getting around Florida is best done by car but if you're relying on Orlando transportation for your trip you can still get by pretty well. Plodding public transport between the airports and hotels and resorts is available and if transfers aren't included in your vacation deal you'll have to make the trip on Lynx bus No 42 which goes to International Drive (I-Drive), where many hotels are located, or with one of the many private companies, such as Mears, operating similar routes.

Public Lynx buses operate around most of Orlando and fares cost just over a dollar a ride. Services can be painfully slow however, so if you're on a tight time schedule or have grumpy children with you it may not be the best option.

Another cheap Orlando transportation option is the I-Ride trolley which operates along the I-Drive corridor from Universal Orlando to Sea World, and along Universal Boulevard. Fares cost only 75c a ride. You can pick up maps, timetables and information on weekly passes for both Lynx and I-Ride from any tourist information booth.

Other Orlando transportation options:

If you fancy a little more comfort when it comes to Orlando transportation, shuttle services run by private companies such as Mears and Coach USA run set-fee buses from most hotels to all the major attractions and to the airport. An airport shuttle costs about $25 return and a trip to the Kennedy Space Center $66 including entrance fee. Prices often depend on what type of vehicle you're taking as everything from coach to town car or limousine is available. Coaches are cheapest but are also the slowest as they drop off or pick up at almost every hotel en route.

If you're travelling with a group of four or five people taxis may be an economic and fast alternative to the shuttles. A taxi from Orlando International to I-Drive costs about $35 plus tip - a good bet when compared to the same costs for four or five people on the shuttle. Don't take a cab if you're solicited by the driver in the arrivals hall though - this practice is illegal and the drivers are often uninsured for passengers. Take a cab from the rank outside instead and check the company name and number are clearly displayed on the vehicle.

Many of the more expensive hotels and almost all resorts offer free shuttle buses or mini-bus services to the main attractions and if you've got the whole family with you it may be cost effective to book into a resort simply for this reason.