How do I book? How do I pay? How much do I have to pay now to secure my dates?
When do I have to pay the balance?
You cannot book my house by contacting the Resort directly. All the houses on the resort are privately owned. You can only reserve my house by contacting me by email or via VRBO. Please email with your requested dates, stating the date you wish to Check-In and the date you wish to Check-Out, and if you are flexible with your dates. Please also state the numbers in your party & your contact phone number. You would be amazed at how many emails get blocked or are bounced by Anti Spam software including my replies to your very own requests for information! Email me at I will come back to you as soon as possible with availability and prices. Please note, only an adult 25+ years of age may reserve this house.
To secure your dates, I require a non-refundable deposit of $120 US dollars (or £70 if booking in £ UK Sterling) or 10% of the booking value (whichever is the higher). Your dates are not secure until the deposit has been paid. Once you have paid the deposit, the house is reserved in your name. No-one else can book it and I will not offer it to anyone else. Please also note for legal, insurance and emergency purposes I also need the names of those in your party, your address and home phone number. The balance should be paid in full 8 weeks before you arrive at the Regal Palms Resort. If your reservation is within 70 days before your arrival, you will be required to pay the full amount with your reservation. There are reasons for this which I will be happy to explain if you contact me.
Once you have booked and paid for your reservation, I email the Regal Palms Resort with all your reservation details. They then issue me with a unique computer generated confirmation reservation number which relates specifically to you, me, the house & your dates. The Management of the Regal Palms Resort know you are coming & that the house is in your name. No-one else can then book it. I then email you back with that unique confirmation reservation number and with full instructions on how to get to the Regal Palms Resort, how to Check-In and obtain the keys. The Reception Desk is just like that of a hotel & open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ALL year. They will be expecting you. When you arrive they will tell you everything you need to know about the Regal Palms Resort, and issue you with the house security keycard, a Regal Palms Resort Map, and give you instructions on exactly where to find the house.


What happens if I have to cancel my reservation after I have paid the deposit / balance?
To secure your dates and to ensure the house is no longer available or offered to anyone else, you need to pay a holding deposit, which comes off the requested rental amount. (Details above). You will lose this deposit if you cancel after it has been paid. The balance should be paid in full 8 weeks before your arrival date. Cancellations result in a $25 administration charge if cancelled before 8 weeks prior to reservation date. If you cancel your reservation between 8 weeks and 4 weeks of your arrival date, you will loose the deposit and 50% of the balance. If you cancel your reservation within 4 weeks of your arrival date, you will lose all of the balance. More details of this in our Terms & Conditions. This policy is pretty much standard for all vacation homes in Orlando. NOTE We also adopt a policy of "force majeure", in that we only accept a reservation on the understanding that we cannot be held responsible, financial or otherwise, for any personal loss, damage, injury, or for the facilities or amenities being unavailable for whatever reason, including events beyond our control, such as weather phenomenon including hurricane or flood. PLEASE! Guests are strongly recommended to purchase vacation/holiday insurance to cover such eventuality. In the unlikely event of
disappointment, inconvenience, delay, cancellation caused by lost bags, flight delays, ill health, financial hardship, personal circumstance, weather phenomenon or any other event beyond our control, we cannot & will not be held responsible or liable for compensation or refund. That is what insurance is for. Travel/vacation insurance is inexpensive, readily available and designed to cover you in such circumstances. If you would like more details on how to obtain such insurance, if you can't find it in a search engine on the internet, contact me.

What about the Security Deposit? What do I have to do if I don't have a credit card?
The resort is similar to a hotel and open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year. When you Check-In, you must show some form of photo ID (drivers license, passport) and sign the Register with your name & address. A deposit of $250 is required prior to occupation, paid to myself, and is returned to you at the end of your vacation if there aren't any damages and after the Home Inspector has given the "ok". If there have been some damages, then the value of these are taken from your security payment. If you break something in the house and don't want to be charged for it, you may replace the item while you are there, like for like, but you MUST advise the Management company.    

Is the house Wheelchair Accessible?
Please note that our house is the only style house that is truly wheelchair accessible, as the other designs may have a bedroom downstairs, but they are not big enough to manoeuvre a wheelchair around in. This 4 bed house has a downstairs bedroom with its own front door, bathroom facilities, and internal door to the Living Room. Other bedrooms are upstairs on the first floor. Please advise when booking that wheelchair access is required as a second key will be provided by the management company to allow direct access outside from the downstairs master suite.


What time can I Check-In by? I won't be there until 2 in the morning! What time must I Check-Out?
Please bear in mind you are renting a whole house, not just a double bedroom in a hotel, so every room has to be thoroughly cleaned before you Check-In, including the Kitchen, the Bathrooms and all the Bedrooms. Therefore the earliest Check-In is 4pm local. You may arrive earlier than this. The Management Agent will take care of your personal belongings, and you can relax by the pool, have a swim, have a meal, drink at the bar until your house is ready. You can Check-In as late as you want, as late as 2 am or 3 am in the morning. The Reception is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So if you have a late flight or delayed, don't worry. Check-Out is by 11am on the day of your departure. Again, please be patient with the cleaning staff. If they call you to ask what time you are leaving the house, it is because there will be another guests' party arriving that afternoon and they have to clean the whole house. If you have a late departing flight, the Management Agent will take care of your personal belongings, and you can relax by the pool and catch some last rays of Florida sunshine, or have a meal, drink at the bar until it is time to leave.

Where do I get the keys from?
The resort is like a hotel. Key-cards are obtained from the Reception Desk at the Clubhouse, which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ALL YEAR. The key-cards are dated electronically with your date and time of arrival and departure. Only the person who booked the house (or the guests he/she authorises) can obtain the key-card as the reservation is in that name. You will need some form of photographic ID, such as a driving license or a passport. You will also need the key-card to access the resort facilities, such as the pools and the Clubhouse. A code will be issued to you upon final payment which gives you access to the lock box at the house, which holds the keys to the house.


Does the Living Room have a "Sleeper Sofa/Sofa Bed"?
The largest sofa in the Living Room can convert into a Queen size double bed for two adults if required. Extra linen is available in the house if you are a bit short.


Do I need to bring linen?
All sheets and towels are provided in the house when you arrive. Please remember you are renting a "self catering" house. It is not a hotel. You may have to provide a few domestic items yourself, including more toilet roll if it runs out! There are ample supplies of sheets and towels in the house but you may run short for whatever reason, especially if staying longer than 7 days. You may eventually run out of clean spares in the house so have to wash them yourself. The house has laundry facilities for this purpose. 
Is cleaning included in the price? Do I have to clean the house myself? Is there a Maid service? What do I do with the daily trash?
To clean a house at the end of a rental costs me $95 for a 4 bedroom house. Most Owners, including myself pick up this cost for reservations of 6 nights or more. However for bookings of 5 nights or less, it is impossible to absorb this cost. My confirmed price to you INCLUDES THE COST OF CLEANING the house after you leave even if you only want to book 1 or 2 nights. That is why quotes from me for 1/2/3/4/5 nights may seem, on the surface, expensive. It is because I build in this cost of cleaning & sales taxes to my quote to you. 
The house is cleaned thoroughly before you arrive. Please remember, however, the house is "self catering" so you will have to make your own bed while you are there! There is no daily maid service on the Resort, and no "fresh" linen or replacement towels will be provided. Light domestic waste is collected daily, so if you leave your kitchen waste in the bin liner provided outside on the kerb by 9 am every morning it will be collected.

Are the Pools really heated all year?
YES The whole of the swimming pool complex is heated permanently to a water temperature of 82ºF throughout the year. The waterslide, lazy river, adult pools, children’s pool, jacuzzi/spa are all heated by gas fired boilers. And unlike private pools with electrical heating, it is always at the correct
temperature and doesn't break down. In fact the jacuzzi/spa is as hot as a bath! I have personally used it, both in January and in May and is one of the best features of the resort in my opinion. It's great!
Is the resort suitable for Children?
YES ABSOLUTELY! The resort was designed entirely with children in mind! Even the big ones! There is 2 large pools, one shallow "zero entry" with a lapping edge for the smallest of tots, a waterslide, lazy river, waterfalls, jacuzzi/spa, Games Room, Internet Cafe, etc, and even a Children's Menu in the restaurant... They are going to LOVE IT!
Does the house/resort have a Games Room?
YOU BET! Better than any "Games Room" in a hot garage of private villa! This Games Room has a Pool Table, Air Hockey Table, Basketball, Video Stock Car racing, Car chase, Marksman, Gunfighter and a dozen other token operated video games. Tokens cost a very reasonable $1 for 4, $5 for 24 & $10 for 52. The pool table costs 8 tokens per game, and other games 2 to 3 tokens each. So you wont break the bank & the kids (old & young) can amuse themselves for hours! The resort has a Clubhouse with its own Restaurant, Sports Bar, & Reception. Entertainment for the whole family!
I need Internet Access!
NO PROBLEM! There is internet available in the house! The Clubhouse has an Internet Cafe. You can pick up a broadband wireless signal from the internet cafe's router (if you have installed a wireless card in your laptop) in other areas of the Clubhouse, Restaurant, Bar & Poolside Patio, as photographed below, which is a very pleasant way to surf the web. The system operates on a "Lynksys" Operating system, and you will need a "G category" wireless card. This is standard for the USA. It may not work with laptops from other countries, but I have never had a problem in all the times I have been to the resort.
Please note! My house is located IN the Regal Palms Resort. Not at some residential area or community next door or nearby.

What are the opening hours of the pools?
The pool complex is open from dawn until dusk. Thus in the Summer months this is as late as 9:30 pm. The plan is to extend the pool operating hours but this has not been introduced yet, as it requires the lighting in the bottom of the pools to be improved, and then approved by the County.

Do I have to pay for the use of the pool or gym or amenities or facilities? What about Beach Towels & Inflatables?
There is a nominal charge of $12 "per night per house" (it doesn't matter how many guests in your party) for temporary membership of the Regal Palms Sports and Social Club. This is charged upon check in. Membership entitles guests access to all the facilities which includes full use of the Regal Palms Resort, the heated Water Park, Swimming Pools, Water Slide, Lazy River, heated Jacuzzi's (as hot as a bath!), Gym, Sauna, Steam Room, free beach towels! The charge also contributes towards heating the pools, so there is no charge for "pool heat"! Remember the pool water is heated to 82ºF & the Water Park is open all year! ‘Personal’ services, such as pedicure, manicure, facial, massage, spray tan, etc are, naturally, all subject to additional charge. Large inflatables (such as giant blow-up alligators, floating arm chairs etc) are not permitted in the pool area for the comfort of the other guests. Floatation devices for the handicapped & younger children are of course permitted.

Does the house/Regal Palms resort have a Barbecue/BBQ?
Sorry, not at the house! But the resort provides barbecued food at the
Clubhouse. There have been a lot of issues with the use of BBQ's in Florida in the last year, including a large number of "Liability" insurance claims where children have been hurt quite badly by hot coals. As a consequence, it is impossible to get Home Owner "Liability" insurance now for a Vacation Home which includes guest protection for personal injury or damage from a BBQ. If you decide to rent a Villa which offers a BBQ, be sure to check they have the proper insurance. Most Owners of Villas in Orlando don't even know their insurance policies have been changed, nor that if you hurt yourself in a BBQ & seek compensation from them, for whatever reason, they are not insured. This was discussed by the Home Owner's Association of Regal Palms and the decision was taken NOT to allow use of private BBQ's on the Regal Palms Resort. The Management Agent who runs the resort occasionally provides a "professional" BBQ service near the pool area, but this is subject to the season & day of the week. This is not available for private or public use. Anyway, why do you want a BBQ & cook yourself? You're supposed to be on vacation!!

Does the house have a phone?
YES, of course! The resort has a main switchboard and all calls are routed through it. If your family/friends/business want to contact you when you are in the house, simply ask them to call the resort and ask to be put through! The phone can accept National and International incoming calls.


What is the Electrical Voltage in the USA? How do I charge my mobile
phone/rechargeable batteries for my Camera/Laptop/iPod etc?
115 Volts Mobile phone chargers from Countries which have a different Voltage supply, like the UK (240 Volt) will find that their mobile phone chargers may not work properly in the USA, and you may not be able to recharge your mobile phone. Bring your phone's in-car charger with you & charge your mobile phone this way, or alternatively you can purchase a 115V charger here in the USA for most makes of mobile phones from the gas/petrol station just 1 mile North of the resort on Highway 27 for approximately $12. Chargers for rechargeable batteries (for digital cameras/Laptop computers etc), have less of a problem. If you remember to take an electrical plug adapter with you (which you can purchase at the airport before you leave), you can simply plug your battery charger directly into the electrical socket in the house and it should be able charge your rechargeable batteries without problem. However it is always best to check with the supplier/manufacturer of your equipment before you leave home that your charger can accept the lower American voltage supply & will work properly in the USA.

What is the House/Resort address?
Regal Palms Resort, 2700 Sand Mine Road, Davenport, FLORIDA FL 33897
For security reasons (yours & mine), I do not publish the exact address of the house on the Resort on my website or in emails in case they get intercepted. That's because I don't want the World and his wife to know ours is a vacation rental property & as a consequence it gets broken into (because the whole World will know the Owner is absent), or if someone else fraudulently tries to Check-In in your name (which has happened, but not to me), or try to gain access to the house or Resort in your name after you have arrived.
If you choose to make a reservation, I email the Resort's dedicated Owner Reservations Department and they issue me with a unique computer generated confirmation reservation number which relates specifically to you, me, the house & your dates. The Management of the resort know you are coming & that the house is in your name. No-one else can then book it, so you don't have to worry about turning up at the Resort and finding someone else in your house. I then email you back with that unique number and with full instructions on how to get to the Resort, how to Check-In and obtain the keys. The Reception Desk is just like that of a hotel & open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ALL year. They will be expecting you. When you arrive they will tell you everything you need to know about the Resort, how to gain access to the facilities, issue you with the house/Resort security key-card, a Resort Map, and give you instructions on the facilities & exactly where to find the house in relation to the Clubhouse.
For the purposes of US Immigration, the address of the Resort (above) is perfectly acceptable, just as the name and address of a hotel is acceptable, for their purposes.

What do I need to bring? Are Linens, Towels, Soap, Hair Dryer, Electric Iron, Ironing Board, Cutlery, Pots, Pans, Bleach, Vacuum Cleaner provided?
Leave the kitchen sink at home! All sheets, linens, towels, iron, ironing board & even 2 hair dryers for use in the house are provided. As are all the utensils you need in the kitchen, such as pots, pans, cutlery etc, including a vacuum cleaner, electric iron, and mop & bucket. A small tablet of soap dresses the bathrooms, but you might like to bring your own shampoo, washcloth/face flannel and tablet of soap. In addition, cleaning items for the kitchen, such as bleach, washing-up liquid & paper towels are also removed for hygiene reasons by the cleaners after each guest leaves, so you will have to purchase these locally. As you will paper toilet roll if it runs out! An inexpensive Publix Supermarket is within 3 minutes walk, and Walmart is a 2 minute drive away north on highway 27. Beach Towels are provided for use at the swimming pool complex. You will also be wise to bring a woollen jumper, NOT for outside, but for the INSIDE of some restaurants, believe it or not! The air conditioning in some restaurants can be excessively cold, to is often a relief to step outside and warm up again. I bet you will use it at least once! And if you are English, you will have to bring your own tea bags from home. Sorry! But American tea is just NOT the same, although you can buy English tea in the Supermarket! There are two hair dryers in the house. But you might like to bring your own if it has any special features! Check out if it works properly on the USA Voltage supply of 115 Volts before you leave and if you need an electrical plug adapter.

Is the house air-conditioned?
YES and you can have the temperature set to suit. The system is set to the best temperature for Florida, but if you want to adjust it, it is a simple matter to ask the Management Maintenance engineers to come over and adjust it for you. Please remember, to get the best from the air conditioning system, KEEP THE DOORS AND WINDOWS CLOSED. This will ensure the house maintains the temperature you want. If you want to open the doors and windows, feel free. But please switch the air conditioning OFF! Otherwise it wont work properly and you will think there is something wrong with it.

Do you accept smokers?
I am sorry but the house is strictly NON SMOKING. This is a requirement of the Liability Insurance & for the comfort of other guests who will rent the house after you. However, you may smoke anywhere else in the resort.

What about my pet snake?
Again, I am sorry but NO PETS either. This is a requirement of the Home Owners Association. Children, however much a monster, and more than welcome!

Does the house have a safe?
YES. The electronically operated floor safe is free of charge to use, and comes with its own simple instructions on how to program it with your own unique "pin" number. Copies of the instructions are available from the Reception Desk. However if you have to call the Reception Desk to have someone come out to the house to show you how to operate it or to unlock it because you have forgotten your "pin" number, there is a charge of $15 per callout.

What about if I want anything extra, like a crib or high chair or stroller or a Play-station or an X-box.
The resort is administered by a highly professional Management Team. All extras are available if not included in the house already. Most items can be rented from the Management Company on a "per week" basis. For example Crib ($40 per week), High Chair ($15 per week), Stroller ($10 per week) etc. You can bring your own Play-station or X-box and games if you know they work on the American TV system.
What about parking spaces?
The house has two dedicated off road private parking spaces in the front of the property. You can see photos in the webpage.  Parking is free to all guests and visitors of guests of Regal Palms. There is no parking for members of the public, except in the "Visitors" parking area, in front of the Clubhouse by Reception.
Is there a shuttle bus service to the Theme Parks? Is it free? How often does it run? Can I book Theme Park Tickets / Golf / Dinner Reservations at the Resort ?
The Management Company who run the Resort offer a Concierge Service at Reception Desk for Attraction Tickets, Dinner Reservations, Golf Reservations, Shopping and other activities. This really is very useful and can provide discounts to certain attractions & events. The Regal Palms Resort also provide a scheduled FREE Shuttle Bus service to Disney! Note that there is a nominal charge of $15 for the bus to continue on to Universal Studios & Sea World.  Transportation to Disney, Sea World and Universal Studios is 7 days a week. There is one trip in the morning and one trip in the evening. Currently it leaves the Regal Palms resort at 8:30 in the morning and collects from Universal Studios at 6pm, Sea World at 6:15pm, & Disney's Magic Kingdom at 6:30pm, ("subject to change without notice"). Only guests of the Regal Palms Club are allowed to use the service. Seating is limited. The bus holds a max of 38 passengers and is filled on a "first come - first served" basis. Please check the current timetable and make your reservations with Reception when at the resort at least 24 hours in advance. Please note there is no Shuttle Bus service to or from the Airports.
Taxis cost approx $70 to the Orlando International Airport.


Should I rent a car?
In short, YES! You'd be mad not to. You don't have to, of course, but you really will be depriving yourself of most of what Orlando has to offer! You'll be missing out on most of the fun! Disney World with its 4 Theme Parks (15 minutes by car), Universal Studios with its 2 Theme Parks (25 minutes by car), Sea World, Discovery Cove, Wet 'n Wild, Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach, Cypress Gardens, Watermania, Gator Land, Orlando Old Town, Airboat rides, & even a helicopter ride that will fly you over the whole lot. Hit the nightlife in "Medieval Times", "Arabian nights" or the fantastic "Cirque du Soleil" in Downtown Disney. Can't do any of that easily by bus! Don't forget all the superb Malls to explore for designer label bargains and all the superb restaurants down the 192 and in "Downtown Disney" & "Celebration"! Some of the best (and cheapest Malls) are out of Town, so renting a car could actually save you money! In addition, discover the "real" Florida by driving outside the Orlando area & get "up close and personal" with the Florida wildlife by canoe (real alligators in the wild!) or by horseback in the beautiful National Parks, swim with dolphins or manatees. If its Roller Coasters you're after, shoot over to Busch Gardens in Tampa (the best roller coasters in Florida, in my opinion, about 35 minutes drive), or go scientific at NASA's Kennedy Space Centre (a "must see" for any budding space traveller and very educational at the same time, 35 minutes drive). Alternatively chill out at the sandy beaches of Clearwater & Tampa Bay and Daytona, just 40 minutes away. As you can probably tell, most of these attractions aren't easy to get to without a car, and you will find yourself hunting around to find the right bus on the right route to get to where you want to be, or paying a fortune in taxi fares, in which case you might just as well have rented a car for the convenience in the first place. You'll also save a lot of time, and pack more in, if you can just jump in a car and go.
The complementary shuttle bus service at the Resort operates between the Resort & the Theme Parks but not to the airport, so if you're arriving by air, you need to consider how you are going to get to the Resort in the first place. You can take a taxi from the airport but this will cost about 2 days car rental. In addition, the Shuttle Bus has limited seating capacity, so you run the risk that it might be fully booked on the days you want to go to the Theme Parks, and in addition it leaves from the Parks early evening, so if you want to stay on at Disney, for example, for the parade & fireworks, you wont be able to unless you are prepared to pay for a taxi home. So, all in all, renting a car will help you save you time & maximise your enjoyment of this vacation City, and could even save you money!

Remember when you are driving in Orlando that you will have to keep a supply of quarters to use on toll roads, should you travel on these. The ranges from 25c (quarter) up to about $1.75. Most routes from the airport have toll fees.

How far away is Walt Disney World? How long does it take to get there? Are there any short cuts?
Disney is 9 miles and, when the road quiet, about 15 minutes from Disney's Theme Parks. (
see Local Attractions) To get there, turn left (North) on US 27 and after about 2 miles take the off ramp for the US 192. Continue until you see signs for Disney. It is that simple. However, US 192 can suffer with traffic in the "Disney Rush Hour" usually between 8am and 10am in the morning, due to the large number of traffic lights & junctions, no matter where in Orlando (Kissimmee or Davenport) you are located.
There is actually 2 alternative routes from the Regal Palms Resort which are both quicker to get to Disney, one of which can also be used for Sea World and Universal Studios.
The first (for Disney) is to come out of the Regal Palms Resort, turn left (North) on US 27 and after about 2 miles take the off ramp for the US 192. Just before Mile Marker 5, move into the left lane. Just after the Mile Marker, at the next set of traffic lights, turn LEFT into Sherberth Road. It is opposite the "Golden Coral" Restaurant. Follow this for about 1½ miles and it will bring you onto the main Disney Highway (Osceola Parkway). You need to turn RIGHT onto this road, which then leads to all the Theme Parks and “Downtown Disney” (where you will find Cinemas, Disney outlets and restaurants). This route is short & quick and used in the main only by local residents. Just make sure that you take note of the first junctions so that you will be able to “back track” when you return to the Resort. The direction signs on this road are not very good (which is why it is so quiet & quick!) so you will need to take note of the “surroundings”. If you are really feeling confident and ambitious, you can shorten this route further. As you progress down the 192 before you arrive at the Mile Marker 5, at the intersection for Black Lake Road, turn LEFT. Black Lake Road parallels the 192 and leads to Sherberth Road. Then continue with the directions above. If the traffic lights at Black Lake Road are red, continue through the intersecton, and turn left into the 7/11 Gas Station, which has a back entrance on to Black Lake Road.
The second route is better if you are planning a day at Sea World or Universal Studios. Turn South (right) out of the Resort down Highway 27, past Highlands Reserve & Westridge. After 2 miles, turn left at the FIRST set of traffic lights onto Ronald Reagan Parkway (there is a Walgreen's Pharmacy on the left). After 2 miles turn left into Champion's Gate Blvd. Drive through Champion's Gate (1 mile) past the Omni Hotel on the left, and then turn left onto Interstate I-4. Disney is the next exit off the I-4, after 2½ miles (Exit 45B). Total distance about 8 miles, but much quicker. This route usually takes 15 minutes. If you want to go to Sea World or Universal Studios, continue on Interstate I-4 take Exit 71 for Sea World, or Exit 75A for Universal Studios Have fun & don't get lost!

Are you real & genuine? How do I know you are legitimate? How do I know this is not some internet scam?
YES! Of course I am real & genuine! If you don't believe me, I have published in this website the address of the Regal Palms Resort. Please feel free to contact the resort in Orlando, Florida, yourself and ask anyone there if I am a legitimate Owner. I have absolutely nothing to hide. And after you have taken the risk, booked with me, been to the resort and had a great time, don't be too surprised if I ask you for your feedback, and indeed, request if you will be as so kind as to act as a reference/referee for me for others! You don't have to, of course, but you (above all others) will know how they feel...

Are the photographs on your webpage of your house?

Yes, All the photographs of the house in this website are of the actual house that you will be staying in. This is a brand new house with brand new quality furnishings, and highly upgraded beds and mattresses.


What's the weather going to be like? What's the weather like now & in the next week?
Unfortunately I cannot book the sunshine for you, but can give you some idea of what to expect! Please check out the
climate page for what to expect, and what the weather is doing now. As Florida is sub-tropical, thunderstorms can be sudden and rain heavy. In the Summer months (June to September) it generally rains in the afternoon for a short period (1 hour?) and then clears up again!

 Frequently asked questions


How is Regal Palms Resort & Spa rated as a Florida vacation home?
Regal Palms Resort & Spa has been awarded the AAA/CAA Approved status and a Three Diamond Rating. This is the
highest rating achievable for the Vacation Home product. Regal Palms Resort & Spa has also been given the Four Star
rating by the Guild of Florida Owners (GFO), an independent organization created in August 2002. This rating is based on
the quality and facilities offered in the vacation home rental market.